[*NOTE: Due to the current Ontario Government restrictions, the start date for this class will be delayed. To be notified when we will be accepting registrations, please email: itsyclass@gmail.com with your name and the class that you are interested in.]
Yin Yoga Training - 40 hours
Teacher Training / Personal Development
Taught by: Alexander and Vicky Petrogiani
We are proud to offer the Yin Yoga Teacher Training to all levels. With careful consideration to the commitments that you may already have, we provide you with a rich learning environment either in-person or online to explore and pursue the depths of yogic knowledge with the highest quality education, resources and teachers. 

What is Yin Yoga?
Many of us live fast-paced lives, and yin yoga is a perfect balance providing a slower, more meditative yoga practice. Yin yoga is suitable for anyone dealing with injuries or chronic conditions like arthritis or osteoporosis. This style, in particular, is a more restorative practice than any other yoga practice. By holding postures 3-5 minutes or even longer, Yin is one of the most effective ways to improve flexibility, release muscle tension, boost circulation, and reduce stress levels. 

What is included? 

- Philosophy and Practical Applications: we will explore the principles of Yin and the physical and emotional benefits of the practice of Yin.
- Teaching Yin Yoga: students will learn the various yin postures, counter postures, sequencing and breathing techniques.

Yin Yoga Training is a special and unique journey to witness and know the experience of Yoga by coming to our own understanding of what Yoga is and what Yoga is not. Through the practice and teachings of great masters, the consciousness of Yoga is a direct transmission of the inner experience and the knowledge that evolves from that experience. Like any other contemplative practice, Yin Yoga stretches the mind as much as it stretches the body. It is the evidence-based practice of your own experience. One of the most significant benefits of Yin Yoga is learning to be with what is happening in the body in the present moment while learning the necessary skills to not react to whatever is arising. 

Meet your instructors:

Victoria Petrogiani
Experienced and passionate Yoga Instructor Victoria Petrogiani has over 15 years of Yoga teaching experience. She is committed to providing extensive instruction to students while motivating them to find inner peace and their healthiest self. In addition, Victoria is proficient in creating robust teaching plans that aim to support and benefit every student. 

Alexander Petrogiani
Alexander is a recent graduate of the University of Toronto specializing in mental health. He is an E-RYT 500 Yoga Alliance Teacher and holds two black belts in martial arts. Alex is a co-director of the Karma Projects and has recently self-published a book, “The Yog in Yoga” on its behalf, with 100% of the proceeds going towards orphaned at-risk children in Peru. He currently lives in Toronto and teaches online @inthespirityoga and in-person @AlteaActive.Toronto in Liberty Village. You can follow Alex on Instagram and YouTube @PETROYAMA
Pricing: live stream $695.00* / in-studio $1495.00*
*50% deposit to hold your spot