Vision Board: 2nd Chapter of Your Life Workshop

1pm - 4pm 
$89.98 (tax included)

This workshop is tailored to those starting a new chapter/phase in their life, such as being newly retired/semi-retired, newly single, newly married, new parents, new career, new to the neighbourhood and ITSY or perhaps someone yearning to design a life they never imagined was possible. 

I want people to come to this workshop with big dreams and big hopes for the life they want to create for themselves and live in a way that brings them more joy, and contentment to live their life with passion and with purpose. 

I am calling on all men and women to write their own stories of the life they have lived without fear and regret. 

Let's create a magical afternoon dreaming of the life we truly want to have in 2023. Nothing is stopping you from going after your dreams, except YOU!


About Amanda

A certified yoga instructor with a passion for supporting children and adults’ emotional wellness. I believe that yoga can benefit everyone – regardless of skill level, age or demographics.  My teaching approach is holistic. I focus on strengthening the mind, body and soul connection by introducing gentle movements, breathwork and positive self-talk. My classes are meant to help you rediscover an opportunity for self-care and self-discovery in a safe and inviting space.

I provide strategies that can help you manage stress and develop a growth mindset through gratitude and intention setting, positive affirmations, calming breathing techniques and mindfulness meditation.