One-Pull Foldable Bag

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This innovative 'One-Pull' foldable bag is cleverly designed with accordion pleats - this enables you to expand the bag into roomy storage yet instantly close it by pulling both ends of the bag - simply roll it up to take on-the-go.

Shupatto is made of one continuous piece of fabric and designed with seamless repeat prints that are a continuous tiling of artwork and use every inch of the material.  It is also designed to keep itself closed and compact without an additional pouch for storage.

Shupatto is printed using waterless printing, which eliminates the dampening system used in conventional printing. Shupatto always ensures not to use more dye than needed and in that way, minimize the dye waste from printing.

In keeping with the idea of sustainability, Shupatto focused on the durability of the signature accordion pleats which endure machine washing over 100 times and still fold down in seconds, ensuring a long-lasting product.