2pm - 4pm 
$88 + HST

Join us on Saturday, January 6th, for our second Vision Board Workshop, where you will Unleash Your Potential for 2024.

Make this year one of the best you have ever imagined to take you out of your comfort zone and create the change you want.

Nothing is holding you back, and this year, claim all that your heart desires. This time, let's build a community that lifts you and helps you move forward to realize your worth and your potential and make it happen.

A personal investment of $88 gets you the following: 
  • All materials needed to create your magical vision board, including canvas board, glue, quotes, photos that excite you, etc.  
  • Two personalized coaching calls with me that you could use throughout the year to help you achieve your vision and goals for 2024.
  • Building a community and connection with like-minded humans who will root for you to make those dreams come true. We are doing this together.
  • Light refreshments to delight your taste buds.
  • A special bonus: bring a friend and save 10% off this workshop. What could be more exciting than having your best friend with you as you swap stories and dreams and create a magical vision board? 


About Amanda

A certified yoga instructor with a passion for supporting children and adults’ emotional wellness. I believe that yoga can benefit everyone – regardless of skill level, age or demographics.  My teaching approach is holistic. I focus on strengthening the mind, body and soul connection by introducing gentle movements, breathwork and positive self-talk. My classes are meant to help you rediscover an opportunity for self-care and self-discovery in a safe and inviting space.

I provide strategies that can help you manage stress and develop a growth mindset through gratitude and intention setting, positive affirmations, calming breathing techniques and mindfulness meditation.